Executive Director Sara Rothstein

Sara Rothstein

Executive Director

As Director of the Health Fund for the 32BJ Benefit Funds, Sara Rothstein manages comprehensive healthcare benefits (including hospital, medical, pharmacy, dental, vision and life insurance) for 32BJ members and their dependents. In providing benefits to more than 200,000 people, Sara is responsible for developing innovative plan designs that improve healthcare quality while reducing the overall cost of benefits. Prior to joining the Funds in 2016, Sara served as the Director of Policy and Planning at New York State of Health, NY’s health insurance marketplace, where she oversaw critical aspects of the marketplace’s data analysis, reporting, compliance and training functions. Sara also worked at the Service Employees International Union for more than eight years where she analyzed financial, legislative and regulatory trends in the healthcare industry. Sara has a Masters in Science from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College.